South African Hospital Plans

A South African hospital plan is a cheaper option than medical insurance as it only covers in the event that you are hospitalized. It doesn’t cover GP visits, general medication, dentist fees or any other bills outside of the hospital. The client usually gets a daily payout for every day spent in the hospital, which can be spent on the hospital bills, or basically anything else you want to spend it on. You can read more about it here.

Medical Finance

There are times when a medical scheme do not want to settle some expenses from certain medical operations. Not to worry, you can apply for a medical loan which will settle all these bills for you and you pay it back on a monthly bases. This includes all plastic and cosmetic surgery, weight loss surgery, dentistry and so much more. All you need to do to get medical finance is to visit this link and apply on Healthcor today!

What Is A Hospital Plan?

Description Of Hospital Insurance:

It is a healthcare protection scheme that you take out and pay a monthly premium on to cover you or a loved one when hospitalized. It will settle all hospital expenses, but not medical expenses outside the hospital like GP consultations, medicine from pharmacies or dental visits. It is strictly hospital related only. If you cannot afford a medical scheme, then a hospital plan is the way to go. The reason is that hospital expenses are the things that is most expensive. This is why you should have some sort or healthcare plan.

Hospital Plans Compare

Making Hospital Plan Comparisons

This is important to do if you want to find a more affordable hospital plan for you and your family. This way you can save money and get want you want. All you need to do is to get quotes with each one’s benefits, compare the hospital plans and choose the one that suits you best. It is as simple as that!

Hospital Cash Back Plan

Cash Back On A Hospital Plan?

You might think how does this work? Well, it is simple! There are some companies that have certain packages that will give you some of your cash back after some time, mostly after a year. But, this will only happen if you have not used your plan within that year. This is a way for the company to keep you happy while having a hospital plan with them. It also helps so that you do not cancel the plan, because you think you do not need it!

Cash Back

Hospital Plan Prices

Hospital Plan Quotes – In Search Of The Best One

How can you get prices? If you visit a website where you can find quotes, you can go through the benefits of each offer and look at the prices on each hospital plan. This way you will find one that suits your monthly budget and have you covered. Every company has different package and rates, meaning that there will be a company and price that will suit you!


Hospital Plan For Pensioners

Pensioners Should Have A Hospital Plan

Why? Elder people are more likely to suffer or get seriously ill. This is not their fault, because the body is not as active as it was in their 20’s or 30’s. They are also more likely to get hospitalized for injuries, because the bones are not as strong as it was years back. This is the reason all pensioners should have a hospital plan or health scheme in place.


Maternity Hospital Plan

A Hospital Plan For Pregnant Women:

Having a child is a wondrous gift and a blessing. If you are planning to get pregnant, the following is important to know – get a maternity hospital plan before getting pregnant, otherwise the hospital cover will not settle the costs if you get it after you’re pregnant. This is a term and condition from all hospital plan companies, they see pregnancy as an existing condition and would not pay the costs. All women should be aware of this before getting pregnant, because maternity costs can be quit costly.

Affordable Hospital Plan

Looking For A Cheap Hospital Plan?

Some hospital plans are more affordable than medical aid schemes, this is why you should rather look for a hospital plan. It is one way to save some money on healthcare. Getting an affordable plan can be done when you do the necessary research. There will be a plan out there that suit your needs and budget. It is important to have a hospital cover in tact, because hospital costs can be extremely expensive and this type of coverage will cover the costs for you. Make sure that you get covered!